Les Affranchis

Alexandre et les conquérants

Whereas the TV show Alexandre et les conquérants gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Quebec tech startups and the exciting world of young entrepreneurs, the website designed by Les Affranchis included a variety of content to bring this world to life in a digital platform.

Users trying to launch their own businesses were invited to submit their project on the show's website as part of the Accélérateur contest. An interactive module then allowed the public to assess and vote on every project. Alexandre Taillefer also weighed in and one lucky entrepreneur was awarded the National Bank Grand Prize to help them carry out their project!

The website also featured a collaborative game where players could become the hero of a virtual startup. Every week, their choices affected how their idea took shape, mimicking the steps a real business has to go through when it’s first launched.

Finally, during weeks the show aired, the platform featured new videos of experts giving advice along with a series of essential reminders for young entrepreneurs!