Les Affranchis


Basket is a humorous and touching series in which Jemima and Jacob, best friends both aged 13, experience trials and tribulations revolving around their shared passion for basketball. United by their love of the sport but divided by their personalities, our two protagonists will have to learn to navigate this tumultuous passage in their teenage lives through 12 episodes filled with derision and tenderness.

Basket's website bridges the gap between the events of the series and the reality of its actors, with numerous exclusive interviews presented in the style of a social network feed, punctuated by photos evoking the nostalgia of a well-surrounded adolescence.

What's more, in the Coach's Advice videos, Houyam Ghoul and Edvard Nicolas, two talented coaches, offer their insights into the qualities needed to become the best version of yourself on the field, while exclusive videos allow us to immerse ourselves in real-life anecdotes offered by Quebec athletes worthy of the kind of adventure we'd see in the series - proving that reality isn't always far removed from fiction!