Les Affranchis

Cooks from Home

As with any other project of their own design and making, Les Affranchis were proud to present Cooks from Home, an online platform allowing users to sell or purchase homemade meals! Secure and user-friendly, Cooks from Home turned into a way for foodies to get in touch with home cooks in their own neighbourhood.

The idea was simple: home cooks prepared whatever inspired them and they set the price. Foodies for their part ordered the dish by reserving and paying online. They would then pick it up when it was ready.

Not only did Cooks from Home allow those with less kitchen experience to enjoy a home-cooked meal, it also allowed home chefs to give free rein to their creativity by sharing their excess food. And if they wanted a bit of extra income, they could turn their kitchen into a genuine small business!


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