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Série noire - Saisons 1-2

The website developed for the first season of Série noire was incredibly popular! For the TV show’s 2nd season, the website and mobile app remained an essential complement to the viewing experience for fans. It was developed with a strategy that focused on putting content from the show at the forefront of the user experience.

In fact, to provide the ultimate experience, we created a weekly after-show that was available online right after an episode aired on TV. Hosted by Sébastien Diaz, Série noire – l’Obsession discussed the week’s episode in the company of a variety of eclectic guests who were able to promote the show to audiences who were not already established fans. And to propel our content even further, an interactive mode with microcontent was integrated into the after-show player.

The digital experience allowed fans to dive even deeper into the strange world of the series while sticking to its outlandish tone and nature. In brief, a digital initiative that worked big time… big FUCKING time.

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